Professional Practice is a unique option available to students who have received a job opportunity requiring them to work full-time for an entire single semester.

Students maintain full-time enrollment status by applying to Professional Practice and subsequently registering for the appropriate Professional Practice course. Students do not pay tuition through the duration of your Professional Practice. There is a $264 course fee which must be paid before reporting to work.


Any full-time UA student in good standing may apply for Professional Practice.

Application Process

Students complete the following steps once accepting a qualifying work position:

  1. Complete the Professional Practice Academic Division Approval Form (PDF). Forms are also available with student academic office or college internship coordinator.
  2. Complete the Professional Practice Application (PDF) and return with completed academic division approval form. All completed paperwork must be turned in to 2004 HM Comer. Students will receive additional information on registration and enrollment in the appropriate Professional Practice class once paperwork is submitted.
  3. Enroll in appropriate Professional Practice course and review the Pre-Work Checklist (PDF). Checklist includes all items students are responsible for prior to leaving campus. Examples include ACT Card, Financial Aid, Parking Services, Dining Dollars, Housing, etc.