Co-op Ambassadors
Career and Co-op Ambassadors represent the ECDC at functions across UA’s campus and serve as peer advisors for students seeking professional development and experience. Co-op is open to all majors.

The Career and Co-op Ambassador team looks forward to connecting with you in classroom settings and in professional development events throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out to an Ambassador with relevant Co-op or Career questions via email. If you are interested in serving as a future Career and Co-op Ambassador, please reach out to Milla Green at

2021-2022 Career and Co-op Ambassadors

Kyra Bryan

Kyra Bryan, Director of Events

Kyra is an aerospace engineering student who has worked as an intern and as a Co-op at NASA. She worked her summer internship prior to her Co-op, and though she did not know it at the time, one term was not enough for her to understand what it is like to be a full-time employee on the job and to understand the structure of the company as a whole. Her experience has provided valuable insight and has meant the world to her! A bonus: She also loves meeting new people and interns, which she is able to do with each tour she completes.

Kyra is available by email at She can provide information on the space and defense industry, on government work (USAJobs, Pathways program, Federal employment), on applying to Co-ops outside of Co-op Interview Day, and on “oddball” Co-op schedules that align with federal employment instead of the traditional three-semester, alternating UA Co-op format.

Claire Jacquat

Claire Jacquat, Director of Social Media

Claire is a civil engineering student, minoring in construction engineering, who has worked as a Co-op at Brasfield & Gorrie. Claire’s experience had her working alongside project managers on-site for commercial office buildings and with the Brasfield & Gorrie pre-construction team in their Nashville office. After her first term of Co-op, she decided to add a minor in construction engineering to her degree because of how much she enjoyed the field. Claire’s experience with B&G opened more doors in the industry, affording her the opportunity to become an engineering intern with ARCO Murray during the Summer 2021 term.

Claire is available by email at She can provide information on completing an out-of-state Co-op term, on general contracting with an engineering degree, on applying to internships after completing three Co-op terms, on attending UA Career Fairs, and on Co-op logistics, such as scheduling/advising changes and scholarship deferment due to Co-op.

Emily Moye

Emily Moye, Director of Professional Development

Emily is an accelerated masters management information systems student who has worked as a Co-op at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. (MBUSI). During her time at MBUSI, she had the opportunity to gain international company exposure, to work on a diverse team, to directly report to an executive, and to implement projects that added value to the company. Through Co-op, she has grown and challenged herself, and she will use this working knowledge as a foundation for her personal, academic, and professional future. Her Co-op work experience unlocked more opportunities for Emily, allowing her to work as a technology consulting intern with PwC over the summer.

Emily is available by email at She can provide information on being a Co-op as a Culverhouse College of Business and AMP student, on applying Co-ops to academics, and also on expanding experience beyond three Co-op rotations.

2004 HM Comer Office Hours:  Tuesday from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Jen Pride

Jen Pride, Director of Outreach

Jen is a current MBA student who recently graduated with her chemical engineering degree in May 2021 and who worked as a Co-op at Gaylord Chemical Company. Jen’s Co-op experience exposed her to the topics she learned about in the engineering classroom, but in a real-life plant setting. She has seen personal improvement, not just academically, but also in her professional career, since she’s already been in a workplace environment for three semesters. While completing both a Co-op and the STEM & CREATE Path to the MBA, she has opened doors to many opportunities on campus and in her future career path. The comma in her paycheck is a cherry on top!

Jen is available by email at She can provide information on Co-op and chemical engineering, as well as Co-op and the STEM/CREATE Path to the MBA Program.

Chase Fortin

Chase Fortin

Chase Fortin is a senior mechanical engineering student who has completed three Co-op semesters with Alabama Power Company. He has greatly enjoyed the time at his Co-op, as he has had the opportunity to work in different offices and gain real engineering experience each term! Chase knows the Co-op program is only the first step in his goal of having a job set before he graduates in fall of 2022.

Chase is available by email at He can provide information on how to network before, during and after a Co-op, on how to balance school work and Co-op work during the same semester, and on working within the Alabama Power network.

2004 HM Comer Office Hours:  Friday from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Erika Johnson

Erika Johnson

Erika is a mechanical engineering student who is currently a Co-op for Brasfield and Gorrie. She has also worked as an intern for the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Erika’s Co-op experience has continued to show her the vast career opportunities available to mechanical engineers. It has also helped her bridge what she has learned in engineering courses thus far to real world application. Erika now feels more prepared for her future professional career because of what she’s learned and the roles she’s held as a result of her Co-op.

Erika Johnson is available by email at She can provide information on being a Co-op who is also involved in the Stem Path to the MBA program. She can also offer insight into working with project management in construction.

2004 HM Comer Office Hours:  Monday from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Cory Kunkel

Cory Kunkel

Cory is a senior management information systems student who completed three Co-op semesters with Brasfield & Gorrie in Birmingham. There he worked on various teams within their IT department and completed projects relating to data analytics, data engineering, and cybersecurity/networking. He began his Co-op immediately following freshman year because he wanted to gain actual work experience early on in college, and this turned out to be pivotal to his development as a student and as a person. He has been able to establish connections, bolster his resume, discover his true passions, and secure a high-paying and competitive internship opportunity with PwC. He has also managed to translate several of the skills and tools he learned at work to the classroom. He couldn’t be more thankful for his Co-op experience!

Cory is available by email at He can provide information on Co-op as a Culverhouse College of Business student, on his experience with starting a Co-op early in a college career, on the differences between an internship and a Co-op, and on the benefits of experiencing different areas of IT as an MIS student.

2004 HM Comer Office Hours:  Wednesday from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Luke Rakers

Luke Rakers

Luke is a chemical engineering student who completed three Co-op semesters with SABIC Innovative Plastics. Luke’s Co-op at SABIC allowed him to perform in a process engineering role. He managed projects, delegated tasks, collaborated with co-workers, implemented new design ideas, documented equipment data, and troubleshot process issues. His experience taught him important skills and knowledge of the industry that you can’t get from a college classroom. The time he spent at SABIC and The University of Alabama has opened the door to incredible career opportunities. He hopes to share his experience at SABIC so that it may encourage other students to join the Co-op program.

Luke is available by email at He can provide information on the requirements and benefits of the Co-op program at UA, on specific details on Co-oping in the state of Alabama, and on the importance of Co-op within the engineering major.

2004 HM Comer Office Hours:  Thursday from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Aramis Ricky

Aramis Rickey

Aramis is a chemical engineering student who worked as a Co-op at Ascend Performance Materials and who worked a summer internship at Eastman Chemical Company. Aramis also competed and was selected for a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program to research biomedical drug development at the University of South Florida. He has been an ambassador at the University of Alabama for Undergraduate Research as well. Throughout his Co-op experience, Aramis has worked at several different locations in the Southeast and has learned how to take initiative and lead peers while on the job. His Co-op experience has reinforced classroom concepts and has introduced him to new areas that will further his growth as an engineer. He appreciates the vast number of opportunities and experiences the University of Alabama has to offer.

Aramis is available by email at He can provide information on Co-op with multiple companies, on applying research experience to a Co-op role (on the REU internship, specifically), on Co-op in engineering and business roles, and on applying to Co-op externally through handshake and UA career fairs.

Rebekah Spoor

Rebekah Spoor

Rebekah is a civil engineering student who completed three Co-op semesters with HPM, a construction management company. She believes she gained a large amount of field experience that would have been impossible to gain in the classroom alone. It can be difficult to visualize a construction project just by talking about it in class, so having her boots in the dirt and seeing a project start from the ground up helped her realize the enormous scope and the teamwork required to get a job done. Her Co-op experience allowed her to test the waters of life after graduation while still being in college. HPM helped her realize not just what she wants to do in life, but what kind of company culture she wants out of a workplace. HPM’s focus on teamwork, leadership, and family has helped her build confidence in herself and her skillset.

Rebekah is available by email at She can provide information on transitioning from college life to professional life, on living out of state for Co-op, and on navigating the various sectors of civil engineering.

2004 HM Comer Office Hours:  Wednesday from 10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.