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Career and Co-op Ambassadors represent the Engineering Career Development Center (ECDC) at functions across UA’s campus and serve as peer advisors for students seeking professional development and experience. Co-op is open to all majors.

The Career and Co-op Ambassador team looks forward to connecting with you in classroom settings and in professional development events throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out to an Ambassador with relevant Co-op or Career questions via email. If you are interested in serving as a future Career and Co-op Ambassador, please reach out to Milla Green at

2022-2023 Career and Co-op Ambassadors


Silas Dorsey

Silas is a senior electrical engineering student who has completed five rotations with Southern Nuclear. He has worked at two different nuclear plants and has worked in four engineering groups during those rotations. During his time with Southern Nuclear, he gained practical leadership experience as the co-op lead during his tenure. He further received experience in electrical design and trouble shooting while working on plant equipment. While working at Southern Nuclear, Silas learned how to take the concepts learned in the classroom and apply them to solving problems in the nuclear industry. Because of his investment into Southern Nuclear and its investment into him, he has accepted a full-time job upon completion of his undergraduate degree.

To reach Silas to further discuss the co-op program, he can be contacted by email at


Fatema Dhondia

Fatema is a double major in Mechanical Engineering and German who has completed three Co-Op terms at Jordan and Skala Engineers and interned at Moss Heating and Cooling. During her co-op, she worked primarily in plumbing and HVAC design, focusing heavily on the latter, and some project management during her internship with Moss Heating and Cooling. Throughout her co-op rotations and internship, she was able to experience the concepts she learned in the classroom and apply them to real-world problems, as well as gain a first-hand experience in the workforce while still in school. She can offer advice regarding Greek life and on-campus involvement while on co-op, navigating classes throughout the co-op semester, as well as networking with other companies and people.

Fatema is available by email at

emily gokie

Emily Gokie

Emily is a mechanical engineering and physics student who is completing a co-op with NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. She has been able to apply what she’s learned in the classroom to her projects at her co-op. She has had the opportunity to meet several astronauts, flight directors and senior staff while at JSC, as well as network with other interns from universities across the country.

Emily is available by email at She can provide information on NASA’s Pathways Internship Program, completing a co-op as a sorority member and moving out of state for a co-op.

michael honrine

Michael Honrine

Michael is a computer science student, minoring in math as well as taking part in the STEM Path to the MBA, who completed three semesters of co-op with Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. (MBUSI). During his time at MBUSI, Michael was able to gain hard skills through projects that helped him see real world application of his major. Through working at such a large international company, he was also able to gain soft skills such as working with diverse groups, leading projects, and directly reporting to superiors. His experience in co-op and his development through the STEM Path to the MBA not only provided great personal and professional development, but also has opened many doors to him after graduation that may not have been available otherwise.

Michael is available by email at He can provide information on co-op for computer science students as well as how to work co-op as a student participating in the STEM  or CREATE Path to the MBA.


Ashton McGhee

Ashton McGhee is a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Art. He has completed three Co-op terms with General Electric (GE) in Decatur, Alabama and Louisville, Kentucky. Ashton has primarily worked in leadership engineering roles, such as Process Improvement Engineer and Area Business Leader. Through the Co-op Program, he has been able to experience the work field, build connections and discover what he wants to do post-graduation. This program has helped him improve his leadership skills, build confidence and open doors to various opportunities. Ashton is grateful he did this early in his college career to take a step back from school and gain the experience he needed.

Ashton McGhee is available by email at


Jo Norfus

Jo is a transfer civil engineering student who worked as a co-op for the Construction Administration Department here at UA. During his co-op, he was able to apply his knowledge obtained in the classroom to the construction management field. Jo walked away with a handful of abilities and knowledge, such as the general construction process, several key aspects of civil engineering, professional characteristics and people skills. He established an abundance of connections in and outside of the Tuscaloosa area. These connections range from different professionals in construction management, various disciplines of engineering, successful real estate investors/developers and business owners.

Jo is available by email at He would love to help anyone wanting to learn more about the co-op program, Engineering Career and Development Center, civil engineering or working a co-op as a transfer student.

emily dyer

Emily Peyton

Emily is a mechanical engineering student with a minor in mathematics who has completed three co-op rotations with Alabama Power. During her co-op rotations, she was able to gain substantial experience in the field of engineering while making an impact with her colleagues, company and community. She worked several times performing storm restoration across the state of Alabama, worked with commercial, industrial and residential customers and managed an entire territory by herself. She was able to design an interstate crossing job during her last rotation which allowed her to further expand her leadership skills through working with other departments inside of Alabama Power and working with other companies as well. Emily’s time in the Co-op Program is unmatched to any other program on UA’s campus, and has allowed her to drastically increase the chance of landing a job upon graduating.

Emily can assist with co-op applications, company research and the co-op interview process. She can also assist with networking while working and how to get involved with your company on a deeper level in order to grow lifelong connections. Emily can be reached at

greg simmons

Greg Simmons

Greg is an operations management and management major with a concentration in human resources. He completed three co-op semesters with Mercedes Benz U.S International, where he worked two terms with HR and one with Logistics. Greg feels that a major benefit from his co-op experience was the reassurance that he chose the right majors, a new interest and drive to pursue an MA in Legal Studies after graduation and work experience that helped develop him into a better worker, student and person. He was also able to witness the work he has been studying in school translated into real life situations and be involved with some significant projects and interviews during his co-op with MBUSI. Greg believes that his co-op with MBUSI led to having a very successful internship with Target this past summer. Greg can speak to being involved in club sports while also working a co-op. Greg can be reached at


Ally Szymanski

Ally is a computer science student who worked as a co-op at Adtran. She worked in a variety of teams which allowed her to learn knowledge she wouldn’t have learned in the classroom. Through her co-op, she discovered what work she would enjoy doing post-graduation. She is immensely grateful for the opportunity to work for Adtran for three terms because she gained exposure to the professional world and saw the many possibilities available to her with her degree.

Ally is available by email at She can provide general information about the Co-op Program and its benefits, as well as information about her experience working at Adtran.


Leta Wang

Leta is a computer engineering major and has completed three co-op rotations with Camgian. Leta believes that by participating in the Co-op Program, she has developed long-term networking relationships and real world experience on a software development team. Leta can speak to staying active in clubs and on campus while working co-op.

Leta can be reached by email at